Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Spirit Plus Free Printable

So we may be 2/3 of the way through October, but I'm just barely jumping on the Halloween decorating bandwagon!

I never really enjoyed Halloween growing up, and really always thought that we could do without the holiday, but since having kids (and discovering Pinterest) I have LOVED it! This is the first year I have decorated, and it has made it feel so much more festive around here. 

I found a tutorial for the hanging ghosts here, but modified it a bit. I used smaller styrofoam balls because, well, who wants to pay $10 for one styrofoam ball?? And then I used a sharpie for the eyes instead of paint. Plus I only used about a yard length of cheesecloth per ghost so I had plenty extra for another craft I wanted to do. Oh, and I just used some sewing pins with a dab of hot glue on top of their heads, then strung them up using a push pin in the ceiling.

I looked for inspiration for the witch wreath, but didn't really find anything that wouldn't require spending some extra cash,  so I just used up a bunch of things I already had on hand. 
Here is what you need:
  • Wire hanger, bent into a circle about 10 inches in diameter
  • Black feather boa, although you could use deco mesh or anything you want, really.
  • Black felt
  • Orange felt
  • Purple felt
  • Green embroidery floss, or do what I did and double up regular green thread a few times so it is nice and thick.
  • Black thread
  • Orange ribbon
I wrapped the boa around my wire hanger and then took my black thread and wrapped it around the boa all the way around so it would stay. I tried hot gluing it, but it wouldn't stick to the hanger.
Then I just drew some legs, shoes, the stripes and buckles, and a hat until I liked the shapes and cut them out to hot glue it all together. 

I made a printable for anyone else who has procrastinated their holiday decorating as well, but after spending over an hour trying to figure out how to upload the file, I gave up. I'm going to wait until my very handsome, tech-savvy hubby gets home so he can do it in about 5 minutes. Until then, you can get going on the super cute floating ghosts! :))

***Update: Here are the links for the witch wreath printable. And just like I said, it took Ryan about 5 seconds to figure it out. 
Just click on the pictures to print them and then get going with your crafting! :))

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