Sunday, October 25, 2015

Boo Bash!

We had a little halloween party this past Friday, and with all of the fun decorations I finally was able to put up, it was making Norah really excited!
These two halloween babes just melt me. 

I saw this fun idea for bat decorations, and it even had a free printable so I decided to cut some out myself and decorate our kitchen with them. Both the girls thought they were so fun! Lucy calls them puppies, and they both try and help me tape them back on the wall whenever one falls down. 


We definitely went overboard with the amount of food as we only had two other families show up--I am lacking in the friend department, apparently. ;)
I borrowed some decorations from my mom, like the candlesticks and cauldron. 

I used these cupcake topper printables for the sand-witches. :))

It was hard to control myself and not eat up a bunch of the deviled eggs while I was making them, but now we have a bunch left over and I just haven't had the appetite to eat them all myself (since Ryan isn't a big fan).

These glass bottles have been so handy and I have been able to reuse them a few times since I got them for Lucy's birthday party. The little ghosts were made following this tutorial. So easy and cute! 

We made little haunted graham cracker houses, and learned that some structures are far better than others when dealing with plain canned frosting. Mine completely collapsed after putting on the roof and all my motivation quickly flew out the window. However, some were building pretty elaborate houses and even had time to make cute little landscapes! Ryan's ended up being a stack of crackers with a knife stabbed through the middle, which made me feel a little better. ;)

It was so fun getting together and making the most of the halloween holiday. I think having things like this to look forward to has made the last bit of this pregnancy go by faster. 

This is pretty much how cleanup went. haha! Can't let that root beer go to waste now!

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