Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Birthday Plans Gone Amuck

I saw this cute idea for a fill-in-the-blank date, and expanded it so that Ryan could choose what we would do for his birthday, but I would still be able to plan the details.

Monday of this week was supposed to be spent finalizing any preparations for Ryan's birthday the next day, but when I found myself lying on the bathroom floor due to severe stomach pains while the girls roamed wild, I realized I had to call Ryan home from work to help. Lucky for me, the pain only lasted a few hours, but we had to cancel the plans anyway because the girls both had ever worsening colds.

We were planning to visit him at work for lunch on Tuesday, but since Ryan had taken Monday off already, he thought we should cancel, especially since the girls weren't feeling too well. We had to put off our plans from the fill-in-the-blank date as well since Lucy was especially having a hard time sleeping and we didn't want to leave her for the night. I was pretty disappointed and felt like I had failed another one of Ryan's birthdays. So I modified our plans a bit and came up with this:

They didn't have any rose petals, so I improvised the giant heart with some twizzler candy. I'd say it was a pretty good trade. ;) Ryan's brother and sister-in-law gave us these engraved glasses for our wedding, and so we use them whenever we want to feel fancy. It added the perfect touch!

The girls wearing their party hats, waiting for daddy to get home from work.

I wish I had been in front of them to capture their faces, they get SO excited whenever he comes home. They are just too quick to get out the door that I am usually left behind to waddle out last. 

We decided just to do an easy family dinner instead, so we got some food (and firemen hats) at Firehouse Subs.

I made this little birthday crown for Ryan using this template. He was supposed to wear it all day, but since we didn't make it to his work for lunch, it basically only made an appearance for pictures. Oh well, he was actually probably grateful haha. These girls sure love their daddy, and they are so lucky he sacrificed his birthday to be able to take care of them instead. 


  1. Your fill in the date is SUPER cute! I love it. I want to copy that but I cannot do such cute little pictures!

    1. Isn't that so fun? Haha! You could always create it on a word document and use clip art for the pictures instead. :))