Monday, October 26, 2015

Apple Cider Pumpkin Pie, Fall is Here, My oh My!

I had the cutest plan to take pictures of the girls similar to this and this. I had seen the idea a couple of years ago, but then was reminded about it after several of my friends had suggested I do it myself. I decided I finally would! However, after taking some really cute ones I realized that Norah is probably getting to the age where her cute little bum should be covered up with a little more than just orange paint. So instead I just stuck with the more appropriate pictures I took of the girls yesterday. 

However, I will definitely be keeping those bum photos for blackmail that will most likely be needed in about 13 years. ;)

We quickly realized that they were not going to sit still at the same time on that basket. If one got up, so did the other. So I did some single shots instead and they turned out so cute! 

Lucy's dimple just kills me. We tried to sit her down, but it resulted in her popping right back up and running off. 

We finally let her do her thing and she decided that it wasn't so bad sitting on the basket. This is her big cheeser grin.

And once Grandpa Brand showed up, they were definitely not interested in pictures anymore, even with candy corn as a bribe. ;) 

See last year's fall photo shoot here. It's amazing to see how much they've grown! *teardrop.

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