Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Preschool Halloween

This week was filled with way too many fun activities! We met up with Norah's preschool class at Pumpkin Land in Orem for their monthly fieldtrip. The girls were in heaven running around in their Halloween getup. 

Little did I know that we were to go through a corn maze in order to get to the play area. Luckily, I met up with another preschool mom and she showed us all the short cut cheats! ;))

After 15 minutes of playing in this area, the girls were covered in approximately 1.5 inches of dust. 

As hard as I tried, I could not convince Norah to get in the wagon with Lucy for a picture. She was insistent on pulling, and it ended up being just as cute. 

It was such a fun day at the pumpkin patch. Afterwards, we promptly went home to all get in bed and nap.

Thursday was preschool costume and trunk or treat day! I think I was looking forward to this more than Norah haha! The kids all looked so darling in their outfits. Norah was only concerned about getting some candy. Can you blame her?

Grandma Brand with all the grandkids still in preschool. Nash, Norah, Lucy, Grandma, Ella....and a photobomber.

Of course, Norah went and picked out all the gross candy from the buckets, but she had such fun so I guess we'll forgive her (since, you know, I'll be the one eating most of that candy anyway;)). 

Norah and Lucy are so lucky to have a grandma that teaches preschool! We absolutely love it! 

Stay tuned for more pictures of Norah and Lucy's costumes coming soon! :))

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