Monday, September 28, 2015

The Perks of Having a Toddler

Almost every Sunday we walk into sacrament meeting just moments after they have already started. So it was a miracle this last Sunday that we were heading out the door with a few minutes to spare. But we still didn't make it to church on time, because Ryan and I both thought that the other had grabbed the keys and it wasn't until after the door was locked that we realized neither one of us actually had them. Sigh. 
So after a few minutes of madness, we called our landlord and hoped that he had a key (which would still take at least 20 minutes for him to bring it to us).

Tangent: When we first moved in, we quickly realized that there was no source of air conditioning in the house and had that fixed immediately by putting in an evaporative cooler in one of the kitchen windows. And because of laziness plus not knowing how to do it, we never actually put anything over the window opening except some flimsy cardboard...which still didn't keep out spiders and flies, but I digress. 

However, this laziness and lack of knowledge served us well this past Sunday when **I** (ahem;)) had a stroke of genius and told Ryan to try and lift Norah through the gap so she could unlock the door for us from the inside.  

She was so brave and willing to play ninja for a few minutes. She was a little bit scared to get down backwards, but luckily our kitchen table sits right below that window, so she could climb on top and then get down from there. 

It was a success! We were all so proud and glad to continue our morning routine. :))

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