Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sick Vacation

Wednesday, September 2nd at 3:00am:

I felt Norah climb into bed with us, and I subconsciously groaned and thought that it was still too dark outside for her to be waking us up. Her hot feet kept jabbing into my back and it wasn't until about 4:00am that I finally made the decision to roll over and put her back in her own bed. I was so completely exhausted at this point and so when Ryan got out of bed and started pacing the room,  complaining about back and chest pain, I felt pretty selfish for wishing that it would subside so that I could just fall back asleep.
Unfortunately, it only took about 10 minutes to decide that we had to go to the Emergency Room right then. Ryan has a small heart murmur, which has never been an issue so far, but we didn't know what else to think so we ran out to the car and sped away to the hospital. I am so glad my parents live close by (and that my dad could decipher what I was blubbering about over the phone) because my mom was able to go to our house and listen for the girls so that I could stay with Ryan. 
We were admitted right away and Ryan got set up for an EKG, which came back completely normal. At this point, however, Ryan described the pain as severe stabbings to his chest and side. They gave him some pain killers and he was finally able to get comfortable while we waited to get some x-rays done. But because the x-rays were still not very clear about his condition, they had us go in to get a CT scan. I thought about snapping a picture of Ryan doing the scan, but then thought that maybe it was inappropriate. ha. 
Finally, around 6:30am, the doctor came back in and showed us the results of the CT scan. He said that it is rare, but some people get pneumonia and don't have any of the other normal symptoms. Ryan was one of those people. 
We have no idea how he got it, but we're just so grateful that it wasn't something more serious and that Ryan is getting better. It was a much too exciting morning for us, so we plan on keeping it as boring as possible around here from now least until the new baby gets here. ;)

See the red arrow on the CT picture below? It's pointing to the swirly, white-looking infection in Ryan's lungs.

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