Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Mother Load

While Ryan was out of town last weekend, I had Brooklyn take some maternity pictures before I feel too ginormous to want them. There's not too much to update about this pregnancy besides the extreme crankiness, which my whole family will probably attest to. 

This little lady is a mover. Every morning and night it's like a dance fest inside her cocoon. The ultrasound technician was even amazed at how active she was. A little taste of what is to come, perhaps? 

I've felt pretty good (besides the crankiness), although it has been a major struggle for me to get my fanny back in the habit of working out at the gym. I've had some bouts of ligament pain, but I've been able to keep that at bay for now. I still haven't had too much swelling at this point, however, I have been begging for foot rubs, which helps a lot! 

Everything else has been pretty hunky dory, and I'm grateful that Ryan has put up with my mood swings and grumpy disposition. 

Thanks to Brooklyn for being willing to take pictures! I never did this with my other two pregnancies, so it'll be fun to have it documented. :))

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