Friday, August 21, 2015

Lucy Lemon Photo Shoot

My good friend, Katie, over at Lucy Lemon Shop started her own children's clothing company and asked me to take pictures showcasing her newest dress collection. Norah and Lucy got to be little models as well.

Here are some of my favorites:

Instant best friends! I wish I could make friends this easily! 

This other little girl was such a cute model. She did everything we asked her to do and was more than happy to smile for the camera. 

We made the mistake of mentioning cookies and so Norah's attention was focused completely on when she would get one and how many she could eat. Haha

It had rained that day before the photo shoot and so because I was all over the grass during the session, I was completely soaked from the knees on down. 

The dresses are all so adorable, and I love how comfortable they are for babies. Even if you don't buy a dress, you should go admire Katie's work!

I tried to get some pictures of just Norah and Lucy together since I already had my camera out, but they all looked pretty similar to this one below. Haha

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