Sunday, August 16, 2015

All Booked Up

I am regularly woken in the morning with a book being rammed into my face and a request for a snuggling reading session. 
These girls LOVE to read. Norah especially. She goes through phases of favorite books, but currently it has been the Treasury of Curious George and we've already read the entire thing approximately 167 times. Her favorite story is The Birthday Surprise (obviously)!

I love going through the children's book sections at DI or Savers and we have found some pretty good books for so cheap! We've got a pretty good collection started, although these girls usually bring me the same stack of books to read over and over again. I could (and do) read all day, and Norah would never grow tired of it. Lucy has recently started enjoying sitting and reading in my lap as well. It's the cutest thing when she sees me pulling out a book and then backs up into my lap to sit down. She has particularly grown fond of The Ear Book.

She wants me to read it over and over again. This is her pouty face when I finish reading it and she wants me to read it again. I think she loves this book the most because I do special sound effects. haha

So content. I love that these girls love reading and I am excited for the day when we can read fun chapter books together!

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