Wednesday, August 5, 2015

90th Percentile

It took us 2 months to get in with a pediatrician after moving here, but we really like our new doctor so it was worth the wait. Lucy's new stats:

weight: 24 lbs. 1 oz--90th percentile
height: 30.75 inches--83rd percentile

Lucy started taking steps just about a week before her first birthday (though I thought for sure she would be walking sooner than that). It was only the last couple of weeks or so that she has really been devoted to only walking and she has become quite proficient!

 It's been funny to see her little personality shining through. If she is fed and changed then she is a very happy girl and so smiley. People comment a lot about how social she is, although we are working on her learning to be soft with other kids...and us! We are convinced that she was a crab in another life because she is constantly pinching our neck/face meat (and it hurts!)

Whenever I pull out my phone or camera to take a picture, she will say "cheese!" It's the cutest thing. She can also wave and say "hi" and "bye". When she's finished with her bottle or eating then she will say "done". Those are pretty much her only consistent words.

This sweet girl brings so much joy into our house and it's so fun to see her getting older and more interested in playing with Norah. 
We sure love our Lucy girl.

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