Friday, July 24, 2015

Caution: Cute Kids at Play!

We were pretty spoiled at our last apartment with a nice shady backyard and big wooden swing set. The girls and I would spend hours at a time outside, and so when we moved to our new home, the girls didn't want anything to do with the dinky little metal swing set that was in the backyard. I tried to take them out only to be dragged back inside after a few minutes. I was pretty sad that they didn't ever want to play outside, so I set to work finding a play set on KSL that would work for us. 

After a few weeks I found a good deal and made Ryan pounce on it before it got snagged up. What a good sport he is. We had several friends come to the rescue and haul it into our yard.

But even after the initial set up, it ended up being a lot of work for Ryan to put the last pieces together and find the right hardware (which we found out the previous owner had all along and didn't realize until after we'd figured it all out haha).

The girls are so lucky to have such a good daddy. Norah could swing and Lucy could climb up and down the slide all day long. 

We've all loved the play set so much. Now we just need a trampoline and swimming pool to go with it! ;)) 

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  1. How fun!!!! I can't wait until we have a house with a yard and swing set! What a blessing!!! :) Love the pictures too. SUCH cute girls!!