Monday, July 27, 2015

S'more Roasting

 It's kind of sad how we roast s'mores in the backyard when we live so close to the mountains. Nevertheless, the girls thoroughly enjoyed their first fire roasting experience. 

Norah didn't care if her marshmallow was melty or not, and Lucy was completely content with just a graham cracker. Win win. 

My cousins have been living in Utah for the past year with daughters the same ages as Norah and Lucy. These two girls have become best friends and it's been so fun to see how Norah acts completely herself with Adalyn. 

I wish I could say Lucy and Ellie have gotten along just as well, but Lucy likes to beat up on poor Ellie, so their play time is usually chaperoned. 

They are moving back to Missouri in a couple of weeks and we will miss them so much. :(
In the meantime, though, we are getting in as much play time as possible!

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