Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Belly Full of Baby

My current baby loading status is 50%!
We're halfway there, but November seems such a long way off. People always say that their pregnancies seem to go way faster after they already have kids, but for me...well, I just keep thinking that I have been pregnant since February. February! And I'm only just halfway.

However, I'm in the "good" stage of pregnancy where I am finally over the debilitating exhaustion that plagued me for far too long, and I'm not so completely ginormous yet that every position is uncomfortable (however, it is rapidly approaching). 

**At this growth rate I will be 210 inches in diameter by the time this baby finally makes it's arrival.

We find out gender this Friday! Ryan thinks it's a girl, the chinese gender calculator (ha!) thinks it's a boy, and I have absolutely no idea--although we've ruled out twins at this point, thank goodness! ;))

But I know I will be surprised and delighted with whatever greets us on the ultrasound machine!
Happy half birth-day little baby!

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