Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mullet Business

We all have times as parents where we unintentionally traumatize our children. Some turn off the baby monitor during an intense screaming episode. Some coax the already terrified child into the shower with them. And still others try to do an at home diy haircut session with their 2-year-old. Now if I'm guilty of all three of these things does that cancels out my chances of getting a parenting award for the year? 

Today I attempted the diy haircut. We started with high hopes and excitement about getting a "new look!" but it quickly escalated when I pulled out the pointy scissors. 

Here are her before pictures. You can see how excited she was to begin.

 As you can see, she wasn't too thrilled. Definitely not impressed with these haircut shenanigans.  

buuuuuut, I mentioned cookies and that cheesy grin bounced right back. So sad to see her baby mullet go, but let's be honest, now I won't be pulling out tangles 24/7.

 Who needs a hair stylist when you've got me??? And as for the traumatizing part, perhaps it's in my favor that she is afraid of the scissors now. ;)

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