Monday, July 6, 2015

Star Spangled Babies

Our fourth of July began with festive pancakes and a neighborhood bike parade. Then we went home and I began to plan cute pictures of the girls. Let me tell you, taking pictures of them is always a lot harder than I anticipate. We had to do two different sessions, the one after nap time being a little more successful than the first.

Both girls had to squeeeeeze into these rompers that are getting a bit too small now. The headband Norah is wearing is one of the original headbands my sisters and I made for our short lived headband business. 

Norah actually wore the red white and blue romper two years ago at her first fourth of July, so we were really cutting it close with Lucy. ;))

Every time I try to get Norah to give me a real natural smile, I either get a scowl or a real cheeser. These two weren't too bad though, and it shows off her beautiful brown eyes. :)) 

Lucy has been she was pretty cranky, but once we introduced some m&ms into the picture then she was pretty sweet. 

We love these pretty girls! I hope everyone else also had a fabulous fourth of July!

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