Sunday, July 19, 2015

Animal Farm

Yesterday's adventures consisted of visiting the animal farm at Thanksgiving Point! Norah talked excitedly about seeing the animals, but when it came down to it, she didn't want to be anywhere near the big (live) ones. Lucy, however, thought it was all so fascinating! 

Norah was afraid the animals were going to get her, despite the fences, so she required us to hold her almost the whole time.

However, she really wanted to ride the pony and didn't even make a peep about being scared. She held on all by herself most of the ride.

The pony ride alone made the trip worth it. Lucy giggled and laughed the entire time. It was so fun to take her. I'm glad we bucked up to pay the two extra dollars for her. haha

We'll have to get a pass to Thanksgiving Point because the girls just loved it, and I can imagine how fun the museum would be for them. 

 I couldn't resist a picture (or 15) of the girls together in their matching dresses. 

Norah has learned to never turn her back on Lucy, who will seize any opportunity to chomp on her.

We love these sweet girls so much and we're so glad we had a fun day with them.

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