Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake!

It wasn't until after I became a stay at home mom that I really took an interest in making decorative cakes. I think every stay at home mom would agree that it's important to find a hobby of some sort to break up the lonely times between diaper changes and barney episodes. I chose cakes! 

Today was my nephew's birthday and apparently he is really into power rangers, so I looked up some ideas and decided to try fondant for the first time. If Walmart hadn't been so stingy with their fondant portions, it would have gone a lot more smoothly. I had to take part of the white and dye it red, leaving our counter top and my fingers tinged pink for who knows how long. 

So, as you can see, the sides of the cake weren't too pretty, but he's five, so I'm guessing he didn't even notice. I'm just glad he recognized that it was supposed to be a power ranger mask and not some Chinese symbol! 

Don't mind me as I show off some of the other cakes I've done over the past couple of years. It's so fun to do, and I love having an excuse to make a cake, especially for little kids' parties! 

My very first cake I made for St. Patty's day a couple of years ago. Link HERE.

I made this for my other nephew when he went through a Star Wars phase and particularly liked Darth Maul. Link HERE.

This one was really simple, but it was so fun to create. 

I was too scared to try fondant at this point, so I just used frosting for the details on this Curious George face. Which is probably good because who even likes fondant?

Norah had a pink themed birthday party last year so I made this castle cake. Link HERE.

I loved this Easter lamb cake even though it was covered in marshmallows. 

And for Lucy's milk and cookies themed party, I made this cookie layer cake that ended up being really good, but super rich. We had a ton of leftovers that ended up getting thrown away. sad. Link HERE.

Monday, July 27, 2015

S'more Roasting

 It's kind of sad how we roast s'mores in the backyard when we live so close to the mountains. Nevertheless, the girls thoroughly enjoyed their first fire roasting experience. 

Norah didn't care if her marshmallow was melty or not, and Lucy was completely content with just a graham cracker. Win win. 

My cousins have been living in Utah for the past year with daughters the same ages as Norah and Lucy. These two girls have become best friends and it's been so fun to see how Norah acts completely herself with Adalyn. 

I wish I could say Lucy and Ellie have gotten along just as well, but Lucy likes to beat up on poor Ellie, so their play time is usually chaperoned. 

They are moving back to Missouri in a couple of weeks and we will miss them so much. :(
In the meantime, though, we are getting in as much play time as possible!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Caution: Cute Kids at Play!

We were pretty spoiled at our last apartment with a nice shady backyard and big wooden swing set. The girls and I would spend hours at a time outside, and so when we moved to our new home, the girls didn't want anything to do with the dinky little metal swing set that was in the backyard. I tried to take them out only to be dragged back inside after a few minutes. I was pretty sad that they didn't ever want to play outside, so I set to work finding a play set on KSL that would work for us. 

After a few weeks I found a good deal and made Ryan pounce on it before it got snagged up. What a good sport he is. We had several friends come to the rescue and haul it into our yard.

But even after the initial set up, it ended up being a lot of work for Ryan to put the last pieces together and find the right hardware (which we found out the previous owner had all along and didn't realize until after we'd figured it all out haha).

The girls are so lucky to have such a good daddy. Norah could swing and Lucy could climb up and down the slide all day long. 

We've all loved the play set so much. Now we just need a trampoline and swimming pool to go with it! ;)) 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Animal Farm

Yesterday's adventures consisted of visiting the animal farm at Thanksgiving Point! Norah talked excitedly about seeing the animals, but when it came down to it, she didn't want to be anywhere near the big (live) ones. Lucy, however, thought it was all so fascinating! 

Norah was afraid the animals were going to get her, despite the fences, so she required us to hold her almost the whole time.

However, she really wanted to ride the pony and didn't even make a peep about being scared. She held on all by herself most of the ride.

The pony ride alone made the trip worth it. Lucy giggled and laughed the entire time. It was so fun to take her. I'm glad we bucked up to pay the two extra dollars for her. haha

We'll have to get a pass to Thanksgiving Point because the girls just loved it, and I can imagine how fun the museum would be for them. 

 I couldn't resist a picture (or 15) of the girls together in their matching dresses. 

Norah has learned to never turn her back on Lucy, who will seize any opportunity to chomp on her.

We love these sweet girls so much and we're so glad we had a fun day with them.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Picnic in The Park

This week was American Fork's city celebration and tonight was the last night of festivities. We headed down to the park for some fun bounce houses, games, rides, and face painting! 

Norah would have been happy to stay in the bounce house the whole time. We kept coming back to it over and over. 

Norah wanted a "princess" face paint and insisted that she have the color pink in there somewhere. When we got home, the only thing that got her away from the mirror was bath time. ;)

 We did a simplified butterfly for Lucy and she looked so darling.

They had a tractor cow ride going on and Norah LOVED it. We thought she would be scared to go on by herself, especially being in the back the first time, but once she was done she assured us that she wasn't scared one bit and that she actually wanted to go again! She was pretty sad when it was time for us to go home, but we said that we would be able to come back next year and ride the cow again.