Thursday, June 25, 2015

Under Quarantine

Just a few days after moving, the girls both came down with really high fevers in the middle of the night. Norah spent most of the night in our bed with us, complaining about a booger that was hurting her nose. In the morning, we realized that both girls had spots all over their bodies, and a giant one on the inside of Norah's nose. :(

For the whole weekend we went back and forth on what we thought it was. Chicken Pox? Hand Foot and Mouth Virus? But their symptoms weren't exactly following either like they should. I was finally able to take them into the pediatrician, and sure enough, he said it was Hand Foot and Mouth, just a little extended up their torsos and arms. 

The itchiness really affected Norah and the spot on her nose turned into a giant scab that she couldn't stop picking and scratching. We lathered them in calamine lotion, took oatmeal powder baths, and made them wear long sleeve shirts and pants to help them stop itching. It was a long week being cooped up in the house, but now we're back on a full schedule of playing outside and with other people! I'm so glad they are feeling better now. :)

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