Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another Change of Address

Phew! It has been an incredibly busy month. It has been two weeks now that we've been in our new house and it's felt like we've been working/packing/unpacking/organizing/cleaning/fixing things non stop! We had a lot of help moving so it went much much more smoothly this year than last. 

We are just in a little rental house, and it needs quite a bit of work, but we are working with the owner to fix it up ourselves during our stay here. 

I was so busy cleaning our old apartment while moving that I completely forgot to take pictures of everything, so I told Ryan to take a picture of them moving everything at our new place and this is what I got. Haha

I was pretty distraught when I realized how much cleaning we would have to do in our new place after moving in, but I guess it keeps me from sitting lazily on my fanny like I normally do. 
I didn't think that moving would be a big deal for the girls, but it has definitely been an adjustment for both of them, especially Norah. 
However, the girls don't mind giving up their sink baths for their new big bathtub. Lucy acted like we had deprived her of the most amazing thing for her whole life. She was squealing and splashing and giggling so much. It was adorable!

The first week was really hard due to a neighborhood water shut down for a few days, the girls getting sick (a story for another time), and complete exhaustion from lack of sleep. But we are almost finished unpacking and things are starting to feel more home-y! 
All is well in American Fork. :))


  1. Woohoo! Glad you're moved. Good luck with cleaning and fixing the new place! And I'm glad you're in a bigger space now!

  2. And I'm sooooooooo glad you're in American Fork!