Sunday, June 28, 2015

Milk and Cookies Sweet Celebration!

I love planning parties for the girls, but this party was a little bit tricky planning since we have been so preoccupied with unpacking from our move. However, it was still a success and I think we've all consumed enough cookies to last us a while. 

I took some pictures of Lucy to send to her grandparents and then had her cute birthday invitations personalized from this Etsy shop.

My mom, being the fabulous scrapbooking queen that she is, took the invite and made this adorable page! We displayed it for guests to see as they walked in.

I took some old frappuccino bottles that a friend collected for me and repurposed them to use as cute little milk bottles!

Norah just kind of hovered around the table until we told her it was okay to have a cookie. 

We gave everyone strict orders to not give her any cookies unless they cleared it with us because it always ends up in a sleepless night with lots and lots of throw up. It was a success! No throw up this time:))

I saw this cookie layer cake and wanted to try it. I was pretty proud of how it turned out (and tasted!) but it still didn't look nearly as perfect as the one in the tutorial. Sigh. I'm blaming it on the fact that she had a cute cake stand! ;)

 There was a ton of leftover layer cake (mostly because I was too lazy to cut slices for everyone. ha!) but if I'm working out during the week then it doesn't really matter if I eat the rest of it by myself, right? ;))

I made a little mini cookie cake for Lucy and she dug right in with no reservations. 

Lucy was such a sweet birthday girl the whole time and we took every opportunity to her off to everyone. We love those yummy cheeks of hers. 

It was so fun having friends and family come celebrate our sweet girl with us. Thank you to everyone who made it! I sure love this little family of mine!

Lucy is One!

Yesterday was Lucy's first birthday, and due to a very busy day, and some technical difficulties, I wasn't able to post about this girl until today.

 Over the past year I've been taking pictures of her in the same outfit every couple of months.
Here she is at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months, and 12 months! 

If I were to use just one word to describe Lucy, it would be "sweet". She is such a happy loving girl and we are so glad she is in our family. We had a really fun birthday party celebrating her yesterday (pictures and post coming soon!). We love our Lucy girl so much! 

Read Lucy's Birth Story Here!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Under Quarantine

Just a few days after moving, the girls both came down with really high fevers in the middle of the night. Norah spent most of the night in our bed with us, complaining about a booger that was hurting her nose. In the morning, we realized that both girls had spots all over their bodies, and a giant one on the inside of Norah's nose. :(

For the whole weekend we went back and forth on what we thought it was. Chicken Pox? Hand Foot and Mouth Virus? But their symptoms weren't exactly following either like they should. I was finally able to take them into the pediatrician, and sure enough, he said it was Hand Foot and Mouth, just a little extended up their torsos and arms. 

The itchiness really affected Norah and the spot on her nose turned into a giant scab that she couldn't stop picking and scratching. We lathered them in calamine lotion, took oatmeal powder baths, and made them wear long sleeve shirts and pants to help them stop itching. It was a long week being cooped up in the house, but now we're back on a full schedule of playing outside and with other people! I'm so glad they are feeling better now. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day!

I love how the girls adore their daddy and how they love to wait by the window and watch for his car when he comes home from work, often bearing gifts of string cheese and applesauce for them!

I love how he takes care of the girls and how he loves them. Everyone says that they have the best dad in the world (I know I do:)), and I know that Norah and Lucy will grow up to say those same words too because Ryan is the best dad I could have ever chosen for them!
Happy Father's Day, Ryan and all other dads in the world! We sure love you! <3

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another Change of Address

Phew! It has been an incredibly busy month. It has been two weeks now that we've been in our new house and it's felt like we've been working/packing/unpacking/organizing/cleaning/fixing things non stop! We had a lot of help moving so it went much much more smoothly this year than last. 

We are just in a little rental house, and it needs quite a bit of work, but we are working with the owner to fix it up ourselves during our stay here. 

I was so busy cleaning our old apartment while moving that I completely forgot to take pictures of everything, so I told Ryan to take a picture of them moving everything at our new place and this is what I got. Haha

I was pretty distraught when I realized how much cleaning we would have to do in our new place after moving in, but I guess it keeps me from sitting lazily on my fanny like I normally do. 
I didn't think that moving would be a big deal for the girls, but it has definitely been an adjustment for both of them, especially Norah. 
However, the girls don't mind giving up their sink baths for their new big bathtub. Lucy acted like we had deprived her of the most amazing thing for her whole life. She was squealing and splashing and giggling so much. It was adorable!

The first week was really hard due to a neighborhood water shut down for a few days, the girls getting sick (a story for another time), and complete exhaustion from lack of sleep. But we are almost finished unpacking and things are starting to feel more home-y! 
All is well in American Fork. :))

Friday, June 5, 2015

'Cause You Know I'm All About That Sink Bath, 'Bout that Sink Bath, More Bubbles!

It's now been one year that we've done sink baths in place of regular bath time for lack of a tub. Although it was slightly motivational for me to keep the dishes clean, I will be really glad to have a tub to throw the girls in if an incident like THIS were to ever happen again (let's hope not).

So long sink baths.
Now instead of having a sink full of dirty babies, I can have a sink full of dirty dishes.
Just how it should be. ;))

Monday, June 1, 2015

We Can't Sit Still

After an extremely rough year on my part, we are finally moving back to American Fork! Almost immediately after moving to Sandy last year I wanted to move back and blubbered many times about it to Ryan. Although we've made some good memories here, I couldn't be more thrilled about moving to a neighborhood where there will be people under the age of 60.

This will be our sixth time moving since we first got married. 
Four of which while I've been pregnant!

We've saved all of our boxes from the last two moves, so it's been a pretty smooth process thus far. Wish us luck for this weekend! You might have to pull me down from the clouds, because we'll finally be living above the ground!