Monday, May 11, 2015

New Holiday

The day after Mother's Day should be dubbed "Brag About Your Husband Day" because, honestly, Mother's Day wouldn't be quite as enjoyable if the husbands weren't around to rassle the kids for us mommas while we do absolutely nothing. At least thats how it happens at my house. 

And though I may have milked my special holiday for all it was worth ("I can't change the's mother's day"), Ryan was very willing to do whatever I bid him anyway. On top of taking care of the girls, Ryan really surprised me a couple of days early with a gift that nearly made me cry when I saw what it was.

He personalized this gorgeous necklace by engraving "Everything Leads Me To Thee", a quote I already have engraved in one of my favorite rings my mom gave to me in high school.

And to top it all off, he got this beautiful little jewelry box to hold the necklace and rings.

I knew I got a good one when I married Ryan, but he truly blows me away all the time with his thoughtfulness.
So go ahead and brag about your husbands since it's because of them we mommas get to have a little rest and relaxation every once in a while. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

If Walls Talked

Mother's Day was a good motivator for me to write another blog post. And besides, all the karma from our exciting news in the last post has started to wear off so it was time to get my fanny moving again since I know all my readers are absolutely anxious to hear what I have to say. ;)
Ahem. This is my third year celebrating as a mother, and I think I've shed over a million motherly tears during that time. 

There is not a corner of our home that hasn't seen me agonize and blubber over my mistakes and faults as a mother. But apart from marriage, motherhood has been the most rewarding and beautiful (not to be confused with 'glamorous') experience I've ever had.

If the walls in our home could talk, they'd surely spill secrets that would require me to wear a bag over my head for the rest of my life. But they would also share how each night was filled with baby cuddles on the carpet, lullabies, and more kisses than I thought possible. 

Though I've cried very ungracefully and bellowed out tears of heartache that filled every square inch of our apartment, I've bellowed out an equal amount of tears of happiness because sometimes I feel every part of me is going to explode with pride when I look at my two darling babies. 

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers and mother figures in the world!