Thursday, April 23, 2015

There Were FIVE in The Bed, and The Little One Said.....

"Ready or Not
  Here I Come!"

That's right, folks, that's an ultrasound picture right down there of our newest little bean in the making. Chugging right along at 9 whole weeks. Expected arrival: November 27th (the day after Norah's 3rd birthday, and the day before my 24th!).

We announced the news to our families last week by sending this picture to everyone. It says November 1st because that was what the nurse calculated for me at my first appointment. But after my first ultrasound this week the doctor corrected it by saying I was actually due three weeks later! It's so sad to be thrown back into the first trimester again after thinking I was home free. But three weeks late or not, we are thrilled to welcome another cute little baby into our family! 

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