Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Doctor a Day Keeps The Apples Away?

I always thought it would be funny to go somewhere so often, you could just say, "Yeah, I'll have my usual" and they know exactly what you want! But never did I imagine this ambition would take place in a doctor's office. It seems that we have been there so frequently the past couple of months, that I don't even have to check in ;)
Lucy has just been struggling ever since her bout of RSV & Bronchiolitis. This was just a well baby checkup, but it came at just the right time, because she had a fever a couple days before. Her doctor listened to her lungs and prescribed her an inhaler for a few weeks to see if it would help get the airways back to normal. I have to pin her arms down with my legs and hold her head still while I keep the spacer over her mouth for 30 seconds, two times. As you can tell, she loves it....not.

Even after just one dose, I could tell a difference. She didn't wake up ONCE after putting her down to bed and she slept the whole night without a peep. 
We love our Lucy so much, and wouldn't have our family any other way. Here's to getting her lungs back to 100%!

Stats for her 9 month checkup:

Weight: 21.8 lbs----90th percentile
Height: 28.39 inches----77th percentile

Lucy's turned into a full blown crawler, stander, clapper, pooper, etc. Such a woman now.
I can't believe she will be 1 for her next check up! Let's hope we don't have to go again in between. :))

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  1. Poor little Lucy, or as Grandpa would say "Darn it" I am sure staying in that SMOKE infested Hotel in Boise didn't help. I was sick for nearly 3 wks & I am a grown up. Both her & Norah coughed all night long. What a way to end the trip. NO LOL