Saturday, March 7, 2015

Road Trip Part 2

Saturday-Day 7: From Bandon to Woodburn (4 hours 1 minute)
I struggled to wake up the next morning due to being up in the middle of the night with Norah who kept throwing up her dinner. Jeanne had already helped clean her up and put her back to bed once, but then came to get me when it started all over again. We packed up all our stuff for the 5th time and headed to Visit Ryan's brother, Shaun, and his family. We made an emergency stop on the way when Norah had thrown up on herself again, poor thing. 
Once we got there, we made plans to go swimming at the aquatic center. 
Norah was feeling much better at that point and we had a lot of fun.

Sunday-Day 8: Woodburn
Maisey asked me the night before if she could do my hair for church, so she went straight to work and beautified my nest, including a headband she matched to my outfit! 

Monday-Day 9: Woodburn
Norah was quite distraught once Emily and her kids walked out the door for school that morning. She turned to me with a big lip and said, "my cousins went bye bye". But then Miley came back and they played/fought all morning. Norah was completely tickled about the crowns and capes Emily made them from their favorites blankies.

I fed Lucy some cottage cheese for the first time, and this is what she thought about it:

Shaun and Emily taught family night and we used popcorn to play a version of 'don't eat pete' for the game. Norah was close to getting all the pieces and then when everyone yelled 'don't eat the popcorn!!' She quickly grabbed the remaining pieces and popped them in her mouth. 

Tuesday-Day 10: Woodburn
Jeanne, Emily, and I took the kids to a nearby park. Sweet little Lu is on the move! She loved digging in the grass and getting the dirt way under her fingernails. 

Later that evening we played outside with all the fun toys. Lucy loved being pulled in the wagon. She would giggle and laugh and flail her arms around. 

Gage was so nice to pull the girls all around the cul-de-sac. He was literally panting toward the end. 

Norah devoted most of her time to the little red car. She kept her legs spread across the sides so her feet wouldn't get squished while Maisey pushed her around. 

She was thrilled when she found some boots to try on just like Miley. But then things went downhill pretty fast once Miley easily outran her to the red car. 

This really makes me want to get a little red wagon of our own. 

We pulled out the Just Dance Wii game and Maisey pretty much schooled all of us. 

Although Ryan was pretty into it. 

Norah could hear the music from her room and snuck out of her pack and play. She was so cute peering around the corner, we didn't have the heart to put her straight back in bed.

Almost every night, Ryan and I have played games with Shaun and Emily. This night was Pandemic.
Wednesday-Day 11: Woodburn
Norah has always been interested in my makeup and so sometimes I will put a little bit Of my lipstick on her. But this morning, I let her enjoy a little bit more. She was so cute squeezing her eyes shut tight while I put on her eye shadow. 

While the older kids were in school, we took the younger girls to the public library for some story time and activities. Although Emily warned us, I  couldn't believe how dull story time was. It made me grateful for our awesome library programs back at home. 

However, Norah suffered through it happily. Emily even put on a little puppet show for the girls while we waited for the stories to be over and the puzzles to be pulled out. 

While everyone else was preoccupied, Norah and I had fun making our hair stick up on the trampoline. Gramma and Grandpa brand's trampoline has been out of order for the past year or so, so this was a real treat! 

That afternoon, we went to Bauman Farm. We came here almost two years ago when Norah was just a wee thing. It is so fun, and their special donuts were a real treat for everyone. :)

Lucy was really fussy the whole time and her eyes were watery and goopy so we weren't able to stay super long. 

 Grandma Grimmett with all five of her grandkids.

These goats were vicious when it came to their food. They would have knocked down the gate if they could in order to be the first to be fed. Norah thought it was fun, but she had me do the actual feeding. 

Poor Lucy has just been getting hit with one thing or another for way too long now. Her eyes started getting really goopy and she just felt miserable. 

She kept trying to itch her eyes but would accidentally scratch her poor little nose until it would bleed, hence the bandaid.
I babysit for a friend back at home, and the last time I babysat before our trip, her little girl had pinkeye. So when Lucy's eyes started really looking bad, I thought she may have caught pink eye as well, even though it had been a while. We called Jeanne's neighbor, who is a doctor, and he called in some eye drops for us. I was so so thankful since Lucy's pediatric office was not helpful at all when I called them. 

Thursday-Day 12: Woodburn

We took the younger girls to a children's museum down in Salem. Norah was in heaven. It was so cute to watch her play with all the activities. She would become attached to certain rooms and then when we would want to move on she would be so sad, but then immediately get excited again upon entering the new room. 
Norah liked this small rocking chair much more.

Norah's little pig tails kill me. 

Norah loved this character practice painting set. 

It made me so sad to have to leave since Lucy was just really fussy and clearly not feeling well. 

Once we got back to the house, Jeanne and I decided to take Lucy into urgent care. Norah had pink eye last year, and so we knew that Lucy getting an ear ache was a possibility.
Sure enough, she had an infection in her right ear. I was glad that we decided to take her in so we could get her some medicine. Hopefully she doesn't get sick again for a really long time. She's had her fair share for now. 

To be continued...again...

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