Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Egg"cellent Time for Hunting

Our neighborhood put together a little (big) Easter egg hunt this morning for all the kids ages 1-12. I was amazed at how organized and fun everything looked. We were glad to see they split up the age groups because last year the city's hunt was over in .02 seconds, and Norah didn't get any eggs at all (never mind how old she was at the time;)).

There were eggs and pieces of candy spread across the whole yard for Norah's age group. She ignored the eggs almost completely and gleaned all the candy that was left behind by the others. Clever girl. 

 Only because another little girl graciously gave Norah a "prize" egg was she able to pick out some bubbles from the booth. Her basket was filled with more candy than she got on Halloween this last year

Lucy was content staying with Ryan while Norah and I "hunted". She didn't mind reaping the rewards of Norah's hard work. The prize bubbles were a big hit, but then again, who doesn't love bubbles?

We've loved this spring weather and we're so excited to celebrate Easter next weekend! 

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