Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Good Riddance Swollen Gums

It sure feels good being on the other side of teething. For the past three months we have been dealing with some really stubborn teeth. Those gums of hers have joined forces and fought a hard fight keeping those pearly whites from emerging. But I'm extremely happy to report that as of this morning, that last top tooth has finally broken free! So long puffy gums!

It's hard to tell who is more excited about it around here. Lucy sure does make a cute toothy baby. Normally I'd shed a few tears at the thought of her getting so growned up, but I'm really looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight! ;))

Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Egg"cellent Time for Hunting

Our neighborhood put together a little (big) Easter egg hunt this morning for all the kids ages 1-12. I was amazed at how organized and fun everything looked. We were glad to see they split up the age groups because last year the city's hunt was over in .02 seconds, and Norah didn't get any eggs at all (never mind how old she was at the time;)).

There were eggs and pieces of candy spread across the whole yard for Norah's age group. She ignored the eggs almost completely and gleaned all the candy that was left behind by the others. Clever girl. 

 Only because another little girl graciously gave Norah a "prize" egg was she able to pick out some bubbles from the booth. Her basket was filled with more candy than she got on Halloween this last year

Lucy was content staying with Ryan while Norah and I "hunted". She didn't mind reaping the rewards of Norah's hard work. The prize bubbles were a big hit, but then again, who doesn't love bubbles?

We've loved this spring weather and we're so excited to celebrate Easter next weekend! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Get This Potty Started!

Several months ago, I mentioned in this update post that Norah was becoming increasingly interested in the potty. But it died down pretty quickly, and it wasn't just because I was really tired to cleaning out the bucket under her little chair, although I was relieved to get a break. I was reading this potty training advice the other day and it really piqued my interest, particularly the part about using the regular ol' pot versus a potty chair. Once I pulled out the underwear, Norah was completely on board.
Bottoms up! ;))

After only falling in once, she learned quickly how to hold herself up. She was absolutely loving it, and I was loving that I didn't have to bribe her with anything except the pure excitement of becoming a big girl! Look at that grin.

We've been doing diapers during naps and at night, but she has stayed dry for 2.5 days now (including going to church) with only one accident (not at church, thankfully;))!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fifty Shades of Green

It was so fun to get festive for St. Patrick's day! The girls were the main event at Walmart while we were there gathering things for a yummy dinner. Here we have a display of pretty much every shade of green there is.

 There were so many things I wanted to do for dinner, but I narrowed it down to a couple things so that we didn't have a fridge full of green food by the end of the night. A couple of years ago I made this rainbow cake for St. Patrick's day, but quickly decided I didn't want to do that much work this year...plus we didn't have anyone to share the cake with, which would mean I would feel obligated happy to eat all the leftovers myself. 
So I decided to do some dyed green alfredo pasta with spinach, fruit kabobs, and streamed broccoli. I think it was a hit, and Norah was just tickled about eating the rainbow fruit skewers. 

I hope everyone else had as fabulous a holiday as we did!

My Lucky Charms

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my two favorite leprechauns! 

If you look really closely, you can see Lucy's cute little teeth.

We have some green great plans for dinner tonight. 
In the meantime, however,  I've got some cute people to kiss.

Monday, March 16, 2015

3.1415 (Pi Day!)

We woke up Saturday morning, not realizing what fun was awaiting us. It was pi day of the century, and we intended to make the most of it, starting with The Pie, our favorite pizzeria. 
We called Ryan's cousin, Amy, and all went out for a buy-one-get-one-free pizza. Definitely worth the long wait, even when Norah thought she was going to die from starvation. 

But just one type of pie was not enough, we decided it was time to try our skills at making pie as well! Chocolate cream, and strawberry pie. Did we feel bad that both pans were licked clean within 24 hours? Only because we wanted more! But, alas, Ryan and I have vowed to eat more healthy....or at least go to the gym more than once in a blue moon so we can justify our eating habits.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Road Trip Part 3

Friday-Day 13: from Woodburn to Tillamook to Seaside (3 hours 34 minutes)
We woke after a long night with Lucy and her heinous ear infection and started to pack, yet again, to travel to seaside for the weekend with everyone. Those windy roads were really killing me and we had to stop for some saltine crackers and a vomit bag, which luckily ended up being unnecessary. Ryan had an appointment in Tillamook, so after he was finished, we stopped by the Tillamook Cheese Factory! 
The machinery is pretty amazing. There were huge blocks of cheese just zooming through the conveyor belts.

This sign said that each of those ginormous containers carried 32,000 gallons of milk. 
You can see how Lucy felt about it. She was in a milk coma just looking at them.

Norah quickly seized the cheese loaf car and gave all other children the stink eye if they so much as looked like they wanted to take over.

We made it to our seaside beach house pretty much in time for the girls to get bathed and put in bed. The girls have LOVED having bathtubs on the trip, it really beats getting bathed in a tiny sink at home. I love this picture of these two happy babies:))

Saturday-Day 14: From Seaside to Astoria (25 minutes)
Everyone loaded up for a little day trip and we set off for another busy day. On our way to Astoria, we stopped in Hammond, where we checked out the state park. It seems that Lucy is almost always asleep during something fun, so she missed out on the first beach experience, but Norah loved it. 

Here we are in front of the military fort. 

 Norah, on one of the big cannons. Not sure if that's allowed, but I was in the car with Lucy so it would be Ryan's doing. 

Sweet Lucy and her handsome daddy:)) I love these two dimpled humans.

Once we made it to Astoria, and parked for lunch, we could hear literally hundreds of barking sea lions from a few blocks away. They were all sunbathing by the dock, and I immediately wanted to take one home to add to my collection of cute chubby babies. Norah and Lucy weren't too keen on them, so I decided it probably wasn't a good idea to add a 1200 pound sibling to the family just yet. 

The smell was overwhelming, but they were so funny to watch.

 Norah was so tired for lunch, she fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up when I pulled her out, so she slept on my for a while. It was so sweet and made me wish she would never grow up. 

Before we headed back to Seaside, we stopped by the Goonies House (where they filmed The Goonies). Poor Lucy had to miss out on yet another experience, poor child. 

We drove back to Seaside that evening and checked out the town. We walked to the beach first so Lucy could enjoy it too, but she was not having any of it. It was super windy, but that didn't stop Norah from diving right in and covering herself, head to toe, with sand. 

Main street was crowded, but we saw some fun things, including the little carousel, which Norah fell in love with. 

Lucy was just as happy observing in her stroller.

Ryan and I were pretty stoked when we spotted a little taffy shop that claimed to have over 200 flavors! We felt like little kids again picking and choosing a couple pieces from various flavors. We really fell for their trick. Most all of the taffys were bland clumps of rubber, except the watermelon. It never fails me. Norah was thrilled all the same.

Sunday-Day 15: Seaside to Woodburn (1 hour 52 minutes)
Daylight savings really took me by surprise when I looked at my phone at 8:30 but then was informed that it was actually an hour later and we needed to rush if we wanted to be on time for check out. Luckily, we made it out by the skin of our toenails and started making our way back to Woodburn for one last night before starting on our long way back home. 
We mostly relaxed and played outside in the evening.

This mangy neighborhood cat kept rubbing up against my black pants shedding hair like none other. 

Miley and Norah were playing so sweetly. They loved to play with the stroller, and believe it or not, both of them thought they had the better end of the deal here. 

Monday-day 16: from Woodburn to Pendleton (3 hours 55 minutes)

It was time to say goodbye to the cousins so we could finally, slowly make our way back home. 

We stopped at a hospital in The Dalles so Ryan could go to his meeting while the rest of us bummed around the cafeteria and waiting room. Three poopy explosions later, we were on the road again. After settling into our hotel and putting the girls to bed (with a thousand different medications for lucy) Ryan and I went out to the nearby casino for my first gambling experience (shush shush shush shush!!) ;)) 
We walked away with extra $$$, so I'd say it was a successful first time playing craps for me (thanks to Ryan). I'm glad the church counsels against gambling, because I would probably be one sorry unlucky gambler. We came back with headaches and smelling awful from the smoke so that's just another reason to steer clear of those places. 

Tuesday-day 17: from Pendleton to Boise (3 hours 35 minutes)
Ryan had two more appointments that morning, so Jeanne and I stayed with the girls in the hotel until he came back and then we hit the road once more. Our plan was to visit Ryan's grandparents in Boise, but it ended up not working out and we got a hotel instead. Since the girls were both asleep, Ryan and I resorted to the bathroom to have our dinner feast of taco bell (ugh, always a bad idea)

Wednesday-day 18: from Boise to Sandy (5 hours 9 minutes)
At this point, none of us even cared anymore. We shoved everything in the car and took off, wearing the same clothes from the day before so we didn't have to pack in our suitcases the night before. Norah kept getting mad at me for reading Harry Potter to Ryan, but we finally finished the first book. She kept crying towards the end and said that her bum hurt from sitting so long.

Beautiful, beautiful Utah. I'll never leave you again.

The girls were SO happy to be home. We gave them laundry basket rides to reward them for their good behavior on the trip. And because we really needed exercise. 

3291.3 miles 
22 hospitals
18 days
10+ luggage bags
8 hotels/houses
5 humans
4 states