Saturday, February 14, 2015

Struck By Cupid

I've been dying over and over again this week while looking at these pictures of the girls. I knew I wanted to do something like this with Lucy since I have similar pictures of Norah around this age.
Isn't she the cutest naked baby? :))

I love how these pictures show off her little arm rolls. 
They make for some yummy snacks when I'm hungry. ;)

Luckily, Lucy didn't try to put any of the candy in her mouth, so it was a fairly simple process with her. When they come as cute as her, then it's easy to get some nice pictures!

Norah always acts so jealous when I am taking pictures of just Lucy, so I kind of use that to my advantage to get her to smile or sit still for me. It only works sometimes. She will get so excited for me to take a picture of her, but then when I'm about to click, she throws a hissy fit. That's when I have to pull out the candy props.

Look at that big cheeser.

There is way too much sweetness going on right here. 
They are probably the reason I get so many cavities. 

Happy valentines day from our cuties to yours!

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  1. Oh myyyy so cuute. I think I got like 4 cavities just from reading this hehe ;)