Monday, February 16, 2015

Norah Lucy Update

I feel I need to do an update every week of the girls with how fast they are both growing! They both have been sick the past couple of weeks with horrible coughs and so after Lucy started wheezing one morning last week, I took them in to the doctor where they were both diagnosed with bronchiolitis. 
Norah was on her way to recovery, but Lucy was still really struggling so she got some deep suctioning done. It was pretty traumatic for all of us, but the doctor said her lungs sounded a lot better after. They called back with the test results later that day and told us that she was positive for RSV. I felt so horrible, but I'm so glad we got her in when we did.

They told us that if we needed to take her in for another deep suction round over the weekend that we could just go to the ER for an outpatient visit, and unfortunately, we did end up taking her in this afternoon. She has been such a trooper. 

Now, on to the fun stuff!
Norah loves doing the dishes. In fact, there have been multiples times where I have given her a choice between playing in her room and washing dishes, and she has chosen the latter every time! Too bad she doesn't quite know how to get things clean yet, otherwise it would be really nice! ;) 

I've been trying so hard to be consistent with feeding Lucy "big girl" food. When Norah was this age, I was so anxious and excited to get her to eat food that I spent a lot of time with it and so she caught on in no time. I've been pretty lazy with Lucy, so she's still mostly working on pureed foods. 

Here's what she thinks about a plain ole banana:

I braided Norah's hair for the very first time the other week. She thought it was the funnest thing and even wanted to put her little ballerina tutu on. She's turning in to such a little girl! **teardrop***

Norah is really into this puzzle lately. Every time she gets one in place, she will look at me and start clapping for herself, then after she's finished, she will dump it all out and start all over again. 

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan said that he was in the bathroom putting deodorant on, and as he lifted his arm up, Norah spotted the armpit hair and said, "See Kitty Cat?" Hahaha! I'm just glad it wasn't me! ;)

We've been trying to go visit Ryan for lunch about once a week and since it's been so beautiful outside, we've been able to picnic at the park! Lucy loooves being in the swing. She will just squeal the whole time we are pushing her. 

It's pretty rare that I can sneak in Norah's room and see her still sleeping. She used to be SOO easy to put to bed, but things have gotten a little trickier lately since we've started a new little bedtime routine with songs. Every time I finish singing a song, she will beg for "one more" and then cry when it's over. I've started a new little thing we call "think about who loves you" where we list off all the people who love her, starting with Jesus and Heavenly Father. It's the sweetest thing to hear her say, "Jesus loves me, and Heavly Fah-der loves me". The picture on the right is of Norah sneaking in bed while at our friends' house. It was past her bedtime and this was her way of letting us know. :)

As of last week, Lucy is officially crawling up on all fours. She was scooting a little bit before this, but it wasn't too long before she figured she was going too slow. Here is a time lapse of her crawling over to the phone (which she loves). I love that she will now crawl into my lap:)

Lucy is such a happy little baby. It's been a while since she has babbled the word "dadda", but a few weeks ago she was babbling the word "mamma", although I haven't heard it since. 

We love these sweet girls so so much. 

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  1. Poor sick babies. I hope she gets better soon. That deep suctioning sounds AWFUL. But what a fun, cute, informative update. So fun watching your kids get bigger and learn more. That Lucy looks like the sweetest baby ever. And I love that Norah loves doing dishes. Pax does too but I don't let him. Hahaha. Becuase he makes a huge mess and I'm not a good mom. Hahah.