Tuesday, February 10, 2015

For Time & All Eternity

 These two lovely people finally tied the knot this last Saturday! We are so happy for them:)) They couldn't have married on a more beautiful day. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was beautiful. Brittney looked absolutely stunning in her dress.

Brittney's kids looked so angelic, and I loved watching Carly walk around so dainty-like in her beautiful white dress. I think she felt like a princess.

I absolutely love these two pictures of Brittney with sweet Carly. I think it was a very special day for her and it's been so fun seeing her grow and learn to love Dave like Brittney does. 


The grandkids in attendance (minus sleeping Lucy).

Norah is in love with Grandpa Brand:) She was quite amused with putting her fingers in between his smile lines and wiggling them as fast as she could. It was adorable, and I have approximately 25,000 pictures of her doing it...but I'll just share four of my faves.

 My supermodel sisters, Danika and Brooklyn.

I love these people so much. It was so nice being in the temple with them for the ceremony, especially since Dallin very recently went through the temple for the first time.

Dallin leaves for his mission next week! He's going to the Sao Paulo South Mission in Brazil. We will miss him so much! Norah has a crush on all her very handsome uncles:)

Lucy was so tired right as we were waiting for Brittney and Dave to come out of the temple and so she fell asleep in her carseat for all the group pictures. I was kind of sad, but really glad she got some rest, poor thing. Norah was loving the fresh air and being by the temple. Lately, we've been singing the song "I love to see the temple" and so she was pretty excited that's where we were going that day.

Here we are, standing in front of the doors we came out when we were married 3 years ago. :))

I love this little family of mine, and they are all mine for time & all eternity.

I wish I would have thought to record this, but during the luncheon, Carly and Dave both sang songs while Dave played guitar 
(Carly--A Thousand Years by Christina Perry. Dave---The One by Gary Allan). 

It was so sweet and the words, I felt, went perfectly with their relationships. I'm so happy for their little family.

While everyone was clearing out of the luncheon, Norah cornered my dad and danced with him until he couldn't see straight. She's so lucky to have such an awesome Grandpa:))

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  1. How fun! :) That video of Norah with your dad is adorable! :) What a good grandpa! And you all look so pretty!!! (I love your bangs Hannah!) We're so happy for Brittney! :)