Monday, January 26, 2015

Taming of 'The Do'

Obviously Lucy's hair has started to get out of control, so we've been trying some different ways to style it to make it more manageable ;)

Here we have The comb-over. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser. With so much professionalism going on here we won't be surprised if she is offered a job tomorrow. 

Next, there is The faux-hawk.  She be punk'n. You may have thought that this hairstyle was last season, but that was before you saw it on top of Lucy's cute noggin. 

Of course, we've included a sample of Hat hair. Although this is generally frowned upon, I think she pulls it off quite nicely, don't you? 

And, one of my personal favorites, Straight down the middle. All she needs is a little tuft of hair in the back and she could be Alfalfa (a much cuter version, that is).

"Plain or dyed, loose or tied, curly or straight..."
Lucy's hair is greeeeaat!