Friday, January 16, 2015

It's The Hard Knock Life For Us

In an effort to get Norah away from Barney and The Mother Goose Club, I introduced her to Annie. But after listening to the song "It's The Hard Knock Life" approximately sixteen thousand times, I am beginning to think she truly believes that she has a hard knock life. And, unfortunately, these pictures are just reconfirming that belief. I was telling Ryan that if she wasn't so dang cute we would start calling her Quasimodo. jokes! Her little eye in these pictures actually look a lot less swollen since they were taken the day after her incident (she fell and hit her eye on a chair, for those wondering). 

I wanted to include Norah's Annie obsession in my last update post, but seeing that it was already getting really long I decided just to hold off and make a separate post specifically for that. 

I thought for sure that I had some videos of Norah singing her two favorite songs from Annie (Hard Knock Life & Maybe), but when I looked through my videos, I didn't have any. teardrop. I absolutely love hearing her sing Maybe and my favorite part is when she sings the line "maybe they're strict as straight as a line", except she switches the word 'line' for 'lion'. It's so adorable. And almost every night when I sing songs to her before bedtime, she will ask me to sing "Hard Knock Life". Such a silly girl. 
When Janel was visiting over Christmas break, Norah had her fill of Annie by asking Janel to play her favorite songs on youtube over and over again. At one point I was tired of listening to it so I told her "no" to which she began fussing and replied, "I'm just crying right now."

She definitely takes after her daddy. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, he was chosen as biggest drama king in the high school yearbook haha.

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