Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holiday Break

We are still all adjusting to the regular schedule again after such a wonderful Christmas break. Ryan had a week and a half off from work, so pretty much every day this week has resulted in a meltdown......yep, I can put on quite a show. 
The break was pretty much perfect, though, and we stayed quite busy with family in town and fun activities planned. To kickstart the new year, we went to a "trampoline park", Lowes Xtreme Air Sports, in Provo.

Both Norah and Lucy had SOO much fun. Lucy was giggling like crazy when I jumped around with her, and Norah was busier than every with so many trampolines to try out.

 Janel helped watch the girls while the rest of us snatched up this big hollow rolling pin. I'm glad that there were a lot of other fun things to keep us occupied, because I can only jump on a trampoline for so long before something terrible happens. The joys of bearing children.

Norah was completely pooped after we left to the point she fell asleep on Janel's shoulder. Ryan and I both confessed later that we were a little jealous she didn't fall asleep on us!

We were sad to see the break end and to see Janel go back to Alaska. It was so so fun having her stay with us. Also, I'm glad that it's almost the weekend again so Ryan will be home! :)

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  1. It is the worst going back to real life after dad has been home for a while. The kids have such a hard time. I feel your pain. :) I hope that things get back to normal quickly. :) And I'm glad you had a great Christmas!!!