Monday, January 12, 2015

2 Year and 6 Month Stats & Updates!

Norah's stats from her 2 year checkup:

Weight: 27.56 lbs---62nd percentile
Height: 33.86 inches---50th percentile

Norah's favorite thing for the past several weeks is chapstick. I could probably write a whole blog post about it. I can't remember when or how the infatuation started, but boy, has it taken off. 

You know those egg looking chapsticks? I got a brand new one a couple of weeks ago, and then just the other day, Norah somehow got ahold of it and it suddenly was all gone. If you pull out some chapstick, Norah will suddenly want to be your best friend. Just beware when you turn your back because she will eat it all in a matter of minutes. It's just plain gross. 

Norah still LOVES going to nursery. It's a struggle to help her understand that we need to be reverent during sacrament meeting before we get to go to nursery. Pretty much whenever someone says the word "amen", she will shout "amen! NURSERY!!" I recently got called as one of the nursery leaders, so I get to see her play. It's the greatest. :)

Eating is still a struggle unless it's breakfast food, candy, or chapstick. Every now and then she will surprise us by eating really well, but most of the time we have to convince her that it is really fun to eat her dinner. Here she is, having a ball getting messy with her yogurt. Normally she loves yogurt, but snubbed this new kind we bought. 

Because of Ryan's new work schedule, we get to see him for a little bit in the morning before he heads out the door. Norah loves getting shoes on and grabbing her "purse" (my toiletry bag), and saying, "I need-a go-da work." She is set for life.

 Some of my favorite things Norah has said/says on a regular basis:

Sometimes, Norah will grab her blanket, go lay down and say, "I'm so ti-werd (tired)." 

If there is anything Norah wants to grab but I won't let her, she will say, "I need-a want it!!"

 Norah is a hoarder. If I try and give Lucy anything, Norah will simply walk over and start piling all the toys up in her arms and say "mine....mine...mine, etc." until she can't fit anything else into her arms. One day as she was stealing everything away, I told her she couldn't take away Lucy's toy, but if she wanted to play with it, then she had to go find a replacement toy for Lucy. As she walked away she said, with puckered lips and downcast eyes, "I'm so sad right now."

If I ever ask Norah what time it is she will say "forty forty-five."

Norah loves asking to "see mouth" if she knows you are eating something. For Christmas, we bought a bag of skittles for Ryan's brother, Shaun, that we were going to send with Janel when she left to visit them. But after purchasing them at the store and getting home for some games, they were promptly opened instead (yes, I know, we are hopeless). The next day, after Ryan had grabbed a couple skittles and popped them in his mouth, Norah quickly asked to "see mouth" and when he showed her what he was chewing, she said "oh my goodness, those are Shaun's!"

We love our Norah girl:)

Lucy's 6 month stats:

Weight: 19.67 lbs---95th percentile
Height: 21.17 inches---87th percentile

Lucy is absolutely adored by her sweet little cousin, Ella. She wanted to feed her and hold her all night long when we went to visit them. I loved seeing her act so sweetly with her.

Lucy is moments away from crawling! She can scoot herself backwards and has tried so hard to get up on her hands and knees. She can sit up by herself, but you have to stay close because sometimes she will decide to fall over. It's pretty sad when you don't catch her and her face breaks into tears :(

Lucy has also been babbling like crazy! It's so funny to listen to her. She likes to say "dadda" and whenever I begin to rock her before putting her down in bed, she will lay on my shoulder and babble, no matter how tired she acted beforehand.

Almost every nap, Lucy will wake up in the middle and readjust her position. One day, I was watching her in the video monitor as she readjusted and then fell back asleep. Her head was not visible, but I knew she was sleeping. When I went to wake her up to eat, I noticed that her head was propped up against the crib bars. She was sleeping with her head straight on the hard bars! I felt horrible, but she didn't even fuss at all. Such a content baby.

On Christmas Eve, when we went to visit my family for the night, Lucy was extremely fussy and wouldn't let anyone else hold her. We thought she was just really overtired, but then the next morning, after having a nice long sleep overnight, she was still really fussy and would get the biggest pouty face and crocodile tears if anyone but me or Ryan held her. Then, Christmas evening, I felt inside her mouth after someone asked if she was teething, and lo and behold, she had a tooth! Again, I felt horrible. It didn't even cross my mind that she could be teething since Norah didn't get her first tooth until she was almost 9 months! This morning, she got her second tooth, so basically the past couple of weeks her poor mouth has been hurting like the dickens. Then today she got her 6 month shots so now her legs are really sore. Little baby can't catch a break.
I tried to get a good picture of her first tooth, but as I've said in previous posts, she is one wiggly girl!

We've been feeding Lucy solid foods for a couple weeks now since I was too lazy to start sooner. It's so funny to watch her face when I first put the food in her mouth. I let her suck on a piece of cucumber (aka the most bland food I could think of) and her face still was as surprised as ever. She loves it though and it's so fun, especially since it means Norah wants to eat whatever Lucy is eating as well.

Check out those cute moccasins my sister, Katelyn, sent to us for Lucy. When Norah was a baby, I dressed her up cutesy almost every single day...even if we weren't going anywhere! Poor Lucy wears the same 3 outfits all the time...even if we are going somewhere! So, I made sure to document the moment she was wearing something cute:))

We love our baby Lucy! She sure does brightens our life:))


  1. So cute!! Your blog posts are always so perfect

  2. What a great post filled with the best pieces of information...the everyday things that make parenting so great! :) Thanks for sharing! They are SO cute!