Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Today marks three years from the day Ryan and I were sealed for eternity. 
I remember feeling fairly nervous the week before our wedding. But when sitting in the temple, just before entering the sealing room, I had never felt so happy and so peaceful in my life. 
It was absolutely perfect. :))

In honor of our anniversary, I've added our wedding video done by Jordan Overman at But first, Ryan, enjoy a little poem written by yours truly. :))

Though it's been just three years, it feels like much longer. 
When we first fell in love, I couldn't imagine it stronger.
For we've gone through so much, you and I, hand in hand. 
Some events intended, others unplanned. 

I began to compile a list of reasons I love you
But the list grew too long, so here are just a few:

You went out on a limb so that we could meet
Then asked for a kiss as we stood on the street
Or remember that time when you sneezed on my knee?
I knew right then it was you for eternity. 

You moved down to utah so we could be close
Then schemed a big plan so that you could propose
The big day then came when we finally wed
How could we know there'd be so much ahead?

That one time I felt so very sick
You stayed home with me and watched a chick flick.....twice
You held my hand tight as I gave birth 
And say you don't care about my increase in girth

When I get stuck on homework you always help out
Even though I may fuss and pout
You say 'I love you' and have never missed a day
And I know that's not something every girl can say. 

Though dinner may not always be fun to digest
You say through a smile 'this was the best!'
You encourage my goals and indulge my desires
Even though I'm a hopeless crier (but seriously, I need to get ahold of myself). 

I'm so very happy to be called your wife
It's been a wonderful three years, here's to the rest of our lives.

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