Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Tassle's Worth The Hassle!

Tonight I submitted my final assignment in college. 

I didn't think this day would ever come (such a cliche', I know). After my schooling plans didn't work out when we moved from Rexburg I was pretty distraught. But I was very glad that my plans, though altered, still included school and...graduation!

And since we are not going up to Rexburg for the graduation ceremony, I decided to take some pictures of the girls in some BYU-Idaho attire instead. It's a win-win situation here. 
They make for some pretty cute BYU-I alumni babies.

Norah wore this same jumper for Ryan's graduation when she was just a wee thing. I had to squeeze Lucy into it since she is a bit older than Norah was at that time. But she looks just as cute!

I am so grateful to be finished with my degree and so so grateful to Ryan for encouraging me and helping me with homework so many times. Since Norah was born, school has been so hard, but I am really glad we persevered so that I could finish! 
Congratulations to me! ;))


  1. I am sooo proud of you!! Graduating from a university is HARD. Graduating from a university with children is phenomenal!

  2. And thanks to Ryan for his support!

  3. What your Mom said !!! You also have your priorities in the right order !! Congratulations Hannah. Even though you weren't at graduation we were there for your Dept 😃