Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Deck The Halls

Last Saturday, before Thanksgiving, I dramatically begged Ryan to get us a Christmas tree before all the crazies snagged them up without giving us a chance. This is the FIRST year we've ever had a tree. I know, we are pretty pathetic. So to make up for our lack of effort (and because we don't have any storage room) we got ourselves a real tree! I don't remember ever buying a real tree growing up, so it was a quite a treat (and a lot more work than we expected)! 

When we Ryan carried the tree in from the car, we tried to set it upright on the base while the kiddies were distracted in the kitchen. 
Unfortunately, it was slightly too tall. 
Fortunately, our kindly neighbors lent us a power saw. 
Unfortunately, it didn't work too well. 
Fortunately, Ryan is a dear and trekked to the store to buy a hand saw.
UNFORTUNATELY, he had to make another trip to the store because we grossly underestimated how many lights we needed for this eight-footer. What a trooper. 

When we finally got the tree up and lights on I decided that we needed some cute homemade ornaments so I whipped out pinterest and went to work. I'm proud to say that there were even a few that I made using my own brain. No copy-catting from me, people. ;) Aren't they all so cuute?? 
My favorite is the lightbulb santa (and not because I made it up myself. Okay, maybe that is why. heh!).

Our beautiful tree:)) I'm still working on making a tree skirt and a star for the top. I absolutely love having this tree in our home. It makes it feel so much more festive. I could just sit on our couch and stare at it all day, except I have two little creatures that probably wouldn't let me do that. 

I spy our very first ornament that someone made from our invitations as a gift for our wedding. I can't remember who it was off the top of my head, but I love it. We be cute. :)


  1. My goodness that is the fullest, prettiest real tree I've ever seen! It's gorgeous! Good job picking it out! And what a nice husband you have :)

    1. Thank you!! Costco is the way to go!! :))

  2. Nice! I love that you made your ornaments! Way to go!!! It looks GREAT! It's so fun having a Christmas tree. :)