Monday, November 24, 2014

So Cute I Could "Gobble" Them Up!

In honor of Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to dress up these girlies all festive-like.
I had white onesies and made the little turkeys with felt, ribbon and some googly eyes:) It was super easy, except for the part when I accidentally gummed up my sewing machine and nearly broke the whole thing since I used a hot glue gun to put the ribbon on before sewing it. Such an amatuer.
I made Norah's bow with extra ribbon and got Lucy's cute hat from Ebay. 

Norah is fooling you with that smile. It was only after about 5 straight days of trying to take pictures and a lot of chocolate chip bribing (I know, I'm a hypocrite) in order to get a smidgen of a smile out of her.

Ryan was able to borrow some lights from work which made a HUGE difference. I fell in love and now want to buy some of my own:))) Doesn't Lucy make the cutest chunkiest turkey? I think she'd make a pretty filling meal, don't you?

I still had this chef hat from this post when I took Norah's 8 month pictures last Summer. They look thrilled to be dressed up like this. I think Norah is confused why she isn't going from door to door getting candy.

 This book has had LOTS of love. Prior to these pictures I had to piece it back together with tape after Norah had ripped it apart. Luckily, it's still readable because this is a favorite in our house.

Reading with their daddy. They sure are lucky that he is willing to read this for the 637th time.

We sure love these girls. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! :))


  1. They are so cute! I love the one of Lucy in the pot!! :)

  2. What kind of lights did you use? Love those kiddos!