Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Bootiful Night

We're big procrastinators over here. It was only a few days ago that we decided what to be for Halloween, but I think that the costumes turned out quite well, don't you??

The brave Lion Tamer & his fierce little lion

The bouffant-haired Bo Peep and her snuggly little sheep

Notice the lion whip tied securely to his belt. We wouldn't want anything to get out of hand.

We be cute!

After about ten minutes of lollygagging we finally made it to the house next door for Norah's first trick-or-treating experience! She even remembered to say 'Thank You' (such good manners:)). 


It was so fun to dress up and walk around the neighborhood for what seemed like forever when we were really only out for about an hour haha (high heels + a slow and distracted toddler don't mix well). We averaged probably 1 house every 6 minutes. At first Norah wanted us to hold her basket, but then once she realized that candy went into the basket, we weren't allowed to even look at it. I'm so glad we decided to go out:))

We hit the jackpot!

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