Wednesday, November 19, 2014


For the past several months, Ryan has been keeping his eye open for other job opportunities and has applied with a few different companies. He has had a number of interviews, and so we often get to send him off looking all spiffy. Norah decided that she wanted in on the fun and demanded a shirt and tie for herself. 
Check out her rockin bangs (or the lack thereof) and mullet.

Aren't they handsome?? ;) Norah sure loves her daddy.

 Although I'm sure Ryan would have been hired right on the spot if Norah were to go help him in his interview, we still made her stay home with me while he went and blew everyone away with his alluring smile professionalism and qualifications. :)

Now for the announcement you've been waiting for. Ryan was asked to interview for a position that opened up with a company just in South Salt Lake. Collective Medical Technologies. I'll spare you the details as I'm not entirely sure I would explain them accurately anyway, but Ryan was made an offer and has officially accepted the position, which he will be starting just after the Thanksgiving break! Yay! It looks like it will be a great opportunity for him and for our family so we are very excited!

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