Friday, October 17, 2014

To My Future Self

If you think you are having a hard day just think back on that one time when you walked into Norah's room to discover her diaper on the ground, poop on the bed, and soaking wet blankets.

 Think of the time when you had to strip her down and wash off her poopy body in the kitchen sink, where you wash your eating utensils, because the apartment didn't have a bath tub. 

Think of when you used a plastic bag to cover your hand so you could scrape up the poop that had been smeared into the fibers of the bed sheets. 

Think of when you let Norah sit in her sink bath while you fed a baby Lucy only to become the victim of another bodily explosion. 

Think of those days filled with diapers and poop and see how far you've come...unless of course you read this tomorrow. In that case, put up your swollen feet and eat a gallon of ice cream. 


  1. Oh no. I'm sorry. Days like that are no fun!

  2. I love reading your blog, Hannah! You make motherhood look so fun, poop and all! I love you. Keep writing!