Friday, October 31, 2014

"Spooktacularly" Cute!

I love fall time. I love having two cute girls. Put them together and you get some stinking cute pictures! Ryan's mom gave Norah this little halloween shirt and she LOVES it.

I absolutely love these two pictures of Norah. The light catches her eyes just right and you can see the beautiful brown that she gets from her daddy. :))

 This one of lucy's little grin cracks me up!

Of course, I had to do a baby in the pumpkin picture. We never got to do it with Norah last year so this year I made sure it happened! Priorities, people. It was worth it, don't you think?

 Taking pictures like this is a LOT easier when you have someone to help you. Every time I tried to show her what I wanted her to do with her hands/legs she would do it perfectly, but then once I tried to hurry and bring the camera back up she would flail every limb around as if there were a sudden earthquake...and then beg for a gummy bear (I may or may not have tried to bribe her).

Love those beautiful eyes and yummy cheeks.

The best thing about having two little girls is justifying buying frilly froofy fancy frills. 
The worst thing about having two little girls is justifying buying frilly froofy fancy frills.
But seriously. Aren't these the cutest little detail shots? I admit the spider bow may be a little bit over the top, but she'll grow into, right? :))

Hahaha I love this picture of Norah about to kiss Lucy. Lucy's face is great.

I love my little snug bugs. We have some great costumes planned for tonight when we go out trick or treating! 
You thought the cute pictures were over? Never fear, I'll supply you with plenty tomorrow. ;)


  1. Lucy's face!! haha. "Kiss me one more time and we will see what happens sissy!"

  2. I love your commentary along with these sweet pictures!! Perfect fall pics for my photo album! ��