Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference Weekend in Rexburg

Thursday night we drove up to Rexburg for the first time since March! Ryan's cousin, Amy planned to go up as well so we could all spend a fun weekend together:) Friday morning, Jeanne somehow convinced me to get off my fanny and go to zumba with her, Callie, and Amy. Lucky for you I forgot to take pictures. It was fun, but reminded me of how out of shape I am.

We all met up on campus during Richard's break between classes and got some lunch. Norah saw Richard wearing a bib so she wanted to have one too.

That evening, we went down to the farmer's market to look at all the fun goodies. Norah became quite attached to Amy and Callie.

It was right in the middle of one of Lucy's naps, but I didn't want to stay home with her so I carried her in my moby wrap, hoping that she would take a little catnap. Poor little thing was so tired she kept crying on and off again until she finally was able to settle for a few minutes. 

We tried to get a couple pictures of Norah sitting by these pumpkins and so after we were done she kept going back to sit on them.

There was music playing in the grassy area and Norah saw a few older girls running around the speakers and dancing so she joined in. It was so adorable watching her run around and play. She absolutely loves playing with other kids, especially if they are a little older than her. 

On Saturday we listened to Conference in the morning and then drove down to the park in between sessions to eat sushi! 

Callie, Lucy, Hannah, Amy

This is Ryan's 'go to' face for pictures--It runs in the family apparently. Unfortunately I didn't catch it this time and make him smile instead haha.

 Norah spent the majority of the time on the slides and swings with Richard and Amy

 There's a good smile:)

After the afternoon session on Saturday we went with a neighbor to go potato gleaning in a nearby field. I couldn't believe how many potatoes there were up for grabs!

Our main goal was to find the most deformed potato we could. 
Norah kept calling this one a puppy dog haha.

While the boys watched the priesthood meeting, we had a little homework party session.

On Sunday between sessions, we went to a nearby park to throw around a frisbee and let Norah get her wiggles out.

Norah's attempt at throwing the frisbee

So great

My two favorite babies:))

 I love this picture of Norah's face.

Sharing Grandpa's hat

She was very willing to pose for the camera while playing with these stones

 Maybe a little too willing. Ever since my dad opened his crossfit gym, Norah loves doing pushups, although they have kind of morphed into a plank. Whenever she does them (or anything, really) she says, "look momma!"

 We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to conference outside while Norah blew bubbles with Grandma.

 She kept acting afraid when Jeanne would blow the bubbles toward her. By the time she tried to catch them, they were pretty much all popped already.

A couple years ago for Ryan's birthday, Janel bought him this awesome Shih Tzu shirt which has now become one of his most frequently worn shirts in the closet. When Amy had an almost equally ugly shirt on, we had to get a picture. ;) 

 It was a really fun weekend with lots of games and way too much delicious food. I'm so glad we decided to go after all.

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  1. How fun. You're making me want to go to Rexburg. :) (And that is quite the feat)