Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bem vindo ao lar! (thank you google translate)

My parents went to Portugal last week to pick up Brooklyn from her mission! But because their flight didn't come into SLC until 11:00pm last night (Tuesday) we had planned on waiting until Wednesday morning to see her since I knew they were all probably exhausted. But we decided last minute to surprise them at the airport and I'm so glad we did for several reasons.

Brittney, Dave, and Taylor met up with me in Draper and we all carpooled in Brittney's car up to the airport with a welcome home sign and balloons! About 7 minutes from the airport, Taylor got a text from my mom saying that they had landed and then asking if anyone was on their way to pick them up. This is when we realized that their arrangements for a ride home had been a big miscommunication. But we continued with our surprise and waited veeerrry impatiently at the arrival gate (I may or may not have been shaking with so much excitement)!

About ten minutes later we saw them walking toward us! I think these pictures capture just exactly how I felt when we finally got to see Brooklyn again.

For the past month leading up to her homecoming I had been having regular dreams that she came home and I got to hug her only to wake up and realize it was a dream. I was so happy this was finally the real thing.

Once everyone calmed down (okay, mostly me) we realized that we had seven people with 6-9 bags of luggage (plus stuff already in the back of the car) that needed to get back to American Fork in a little Honda CRV. Luckily my dad is a professional tetris player and was able to fit almost all the luggage in the small trunk which meant we were all able to fit by piling on top of each other.

Don't mind my quadruple chin, it just goes to show how completely squished we were back there!

It was so fun and I'm so completely happy to have Brooklyn back. :)) I missed her way too much!

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  1. EXCITING!!!! So glad she got home safe and sound! What a fun thing to do! Glad your dad is so good at that tetris, or else you might have had to leave some important things behind. ;) Hahah.