Friday, October 31, 2014

"Spooktacularly" Cute!

I love fall time. I love having two cute girls. Put them together and you get some stinking cute pictures! Ryan's mom gave Norah this little halloween shirt and she LOVES it.

I absolutely love these two pictures of Norah. The light catches her eyes just right and you can see the beautiful brown that she gets from her daddy. :))

 This one of lucy's little grin cracks me up!

Of course, I had to do a baby in the pumpkin picture. We never got to do it with Norah last year so this year I made sure it happened! Priorities, people. It was worth it, don't you think?

 Taking pictures like this is a LOT easier when you have someone to help you. Every time I tried to show her what I wanted her to do with her hands/legs she would do it perfectly, but then once I tried to hurry and bring the camera back up she would flail every limb around as if there were a sudden earthquake...and then beg for a gummy bear (I may or may not have tried to bribe her).

Love those beautiful eyes and yummy cheeks.

The best thing about having two little girls is justifying buying frilly froofy fancy frills. 
The worst thing about having two little girls is justifying buying frilly froofy fancy frills.
But seriously. Aren't these the cutest little detail shots? I admit the spider bow may be a little bit over the top, but she'll grow into, right? :))

Hahaha I love this picture of Norah about to kiss Lucy. Lucy's face is great.

I love my little snug bugs. We have some great costumes planned for tonight when we go out trick or treating! 
You thought the cute pictures were over? Never fear, I'll supply you with plenty tomorrow. ;)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

4 months, check!

 This cute little snug bug just turned four months this week! On Monday, I took her in for her doctor check up and immunizations. She is growing right along at 15 lbs (92nd percentile) and 24.5 inches (72nd percentile)!

Her sleeping habits were fairly good except bedtime and middle of the night. When we would put her down for bed she would either scream and cry right when I put her down, or she would wake up 30-60 minutes later and start screaming and crying. Then she would usually wake once in the middle of the night. I was exhausted and so ready for some sleep which is why I have been so ecstatic that I've been getting some real sleep the past three days. 

The trick? We stopped swaddling her. Now she can soothe herself by sucking the life out of her little fingers. Although she looks so snuggly and cute in her little swaddle wrap, I am so glad that we don't have to swaddle anymore and she is finally going to sleep on her own (and staying asleep!).

The past few weeks have been so fun since Lucy discovered she can make the cutest little noises and squeals. She loves sitting in her bouncy and squealing! One time at 4am I woke up to her talking and babbling for about thirty minutes. If I wasn't so darn tired at the time I probably would have thought it was adorable.

Here she is, just enjoying life:

Norah has gotten SO much better with Lucy. She will very rarely hit Lucy on purpose and loves to hold her, even if it's only for a few seconds. Every morning when I get Norah up from her crib she says, "See Lucy now." It's so sweet:)

We sure love our little snuggie!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Written All Over My Face

This is the third time in a year and a half that I have somehow contracted staph infection. And of all places it has to show up right on my face for all to see. But instead of people seeing it as staph infection it appears as though a swarm of pimples flew in and decided to make themselves comfortable all over my chin. 
The last time I realized it was staph infection, I was prescribed some topical cream to use. So while I waited to go get some antibiotics prescribed this time, I have been using the remainder of the cream and then covering it with gauze so no one else gets infected and is accused of chronic acne.

Forever wearing the BYU-Idaho shirt
The only problem with the gauze is that it attracts more attention which means Norah is constantly trying to investigate. However, it makes it much more bearable when I finish putting a fresh patch on and Norah looks and me and says, "Cute Mamma!" Love that girl:)

Friday, October 17, 2014

To My Future Self

If you think you are having a hard day just think back on that one time when you walked into Norah's room to discover her diaper on the ground, poop on the bed, and soaking wet blankets.

 Think of the time when you had to strip her down and wash off her poopy body in the kitchen sink, where you wash your eating utensils, because the apartment didn't have a bath tub. 

Think of when you used a plastic bag to cover your hand so you could scrape up the poop that had been smeared into the fibers of the bed sheets. 

Think of when you let Norah sit in her sink bath while you fed a baby Lucy only to become the victim of another bodily explosion. 

Think of those days filled with diapers and poop and see how far you've come...unless of course you read this tomorrow. In that case, put up your swollen feet and eat a gallon of ice cream. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Swim!

Last night we decided to go swimming for the first time since May! Norah was beyond excited! The kiddie pool was pretty much vacant which was so nice. 

Norah showing off her pushup/plank in the water. She was so happy and content swimming around on her belly in the shallow end. 

Lucy looked so adorable in Norah's old swimsuit. She didn't seem to mind the water too much. I think she looks so much like Norah did in this post from last, rolls and all. It makes me sad to think how much Norah has grown. *Teardrop

We finally had to pry away from the pool and head home, which resulted in many tears. We love the pool, and our cute girls! :))

Monday, October 13, 2014


This handsome husby of mine turned 26 today! Norah and I have been practicing our birthday dance routine all morning (and I'll possibly post our final performance later ;))!
I'm so very lucky to have Ryan in my life. He has proved to be an amazing husband and father and makes me laugh every single day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bem vindo ao lar! (thank you google translate)

My parents went to Portugal last week to pick up Brooklyn from her mission! But because their flight didn't come into SLC until 11:00pm last night (Tuesday) we had planned on waiting until Wednesday morning to see her since I knew they were all probably exhausted. But we decided last minute to surprise them at the airport and I'm so glad we did for several reasons.

Brittney, Dave, and Taylor met up with me in Draper and we all carpooled in Brittney's car up to the airport with a welcome home sign and balloons! About 7 minutes from the airport, Taylor got a text from my mom saying that they had landed and then asking if anyone was on their way to pick them up. This is when we realized that their arrangements for a ride home had been a big miscommunication. But we continued with our surprise and waited veeerrry impatiently at the arrival gate (I may or may not have been shaking with so much excitement)!

About ten minutes later we saw them walking toward us! I think these pictures capture just exactly how I felt when we finally got to see Brooklyn again.

For the past month leading up to her homecoming I had been having regular dreams that she came home and I got to hug her only to wake up and realize it was a dream. I was so happy this was finally the real thing.

Once everyone calmed down (okay, mostly me) we realized that we had seven people with 6-9 bags of luggage (plus stuff already in the back of the car) that needed to get back to American Fork in a little Honda CRV. Luckily my dad is a professional tetris player and was able to fit almost all the luggage in the small trunk which meant we were all able to fit by piling on top of each other.

Don't mind my quadruple chin, it just goes to show how completely squished we were back there!

It was so fun and I'm so completely happy to have Brooklyn back. :)) I missed her way too much!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference Weekend in Rexburg

Thursday night we drove up to Rexburg for the first time since March! Ryan's cousin, Amy planned to go up as well so we could all spend a fun weekend together:) Friday morning, Jeanne somehow convinced me to get off my fanny and go to zumba with her, Callie, and Amy. Lucky for you I forgot to take pictures. It was fun, but reminded me of how out of shape I am.

We all met up on campus during Richard's break between classes and got some lunch. Norah saw Richard wearing a bib so she wanted to have one too.

That evening, we went down to the farmer's market to look at all the fun goodies. Norah became quite attached to Amy and Callie.

It was right in the middle of one of Lucy's naps, but I didn't want to stay home with her so I carried her in my moby wrap, hoping that she would take a little catnap. Poor little thing was so tired she kept crying on and off again until she finally was able to settle for a few minutes. 

We tried to get a couple pictures of Norah sitting by these pumpkins and so after we were done she kept going back to sit on them.

There was music playing in the grassy area and Norah saw a few older girls running around the speakers and dancing so she joined in. It was so adorable watching her run around and play. She absolutely loves playing with other kids, especially if they are a little older than her. 

On Saturday we listened to Conference in the morning and then drove down to the park in between sessions to eat sushi! 

Callie, Lucy, Hannah, Amy

This is Ryan's 'go to' face for pictures--It runs in the family apparently. Unfortunately I didn't catch it this time and make him smile instead haha.

 Norah spent the majority of the time on the slides and swings with Richard and Amy

 There's a good smile:)

After the afternoon session on Saturday we went with a neighbor to go potato gleaning in a nearby field. I couldn't believe how many potatoes there were up for grabs!

Our main goal was to find the most deformed potato we could. 
Norah kept calling this one a puppy dog haha.

While the boys watched the priesthood meeting, we had a little homework party session.

On Sunday between sessions, we went to a nearby park to throw around a frisbee and let Norah get her wiggles out.

Norah's attempt at throwing the frisbee

So great

My two favorite babies:))

 I love this picture of Norah's face.

Sharing Grandpa's hat

She was very willing to pose for the camera while playing with these stones

 Maybe a little too willing. Ever since my dad opened his crossfit gym, Norah loves doing pushups, although they have kind of morphed into a plank. Whenever she does them (or anything, really) she says, "look momma!"

 We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to conference outside while Norah blew bubbles with Grandma.

 She kept acting afraid when Jeanne would blow the bubbles toward her. By the time she tried to catch them, they were pretty much all popped already.

A couple years ago for Ryan's birthday, Janel bought him this awesome Shih Tzu shirt which has now become one of his most frequently worn shirts in the closet. When Amy had an almost equally ugly shirt on, we had to get a picture. ;) 

 It was a really fun weekend with lots of games and way too much delicious food. I'm so glad we decided to go after all.