Saturday, September 6, 2014

Party Guest

Our landlords live above us and have a few kids who occasionally play with Norah if we are all out in the backyard at the same time. Norah absolutely loves playing with them and so when she was invited to Maggie's 6th birthday party this past week I knew she would be so excited.

She picked out her favorite shirt to wear just for the occasion. It is going to be a very sad day for this girl when this shirt no longer fits her. She picks it out on a regular basis.

I had an extra little scentsy buddy stuffed animal that I've been keeping to give as a gift, so we put a bow on it for Norah to take with her! I tried to get a picture of her off to her very first birthday party with her present, but lately she has NOT liked me taking pictures of her, especially when it means delaying fun activities like going to a party. ;)

They each made necklaces, decorated cookies, wore fun headbands, and got their very own party favor princess fruit snacks!

When Maggie opened her gift from us, Norah decided she didn't want to give it up after all and tried to steal it back. Luckily, Maggie (with a little encouragement from her mom) allowed Norah to give the pig some last snuggles before saying her final goodbyes. 

 Norah had so much fun playing with the bigger kids and it was so so fun to watch her interact with them. It makes me sad to see my little baby getting so grown up.

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