Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nesting: DIY Nursery pt. 2

Lucy's room was basically a junk room for a while until we were finally able to order a crib for her. We liked Norah's crib so much that we ordered the same one for Lucy as well. I had already prepared or made basically everything that I wanted to use in her room, so it was just a matter of getting it organized and putting it all together. Just a few weeks ago when we put the crib together, I started hanging pictures and putting things in place and it made it feel so much cozier in there. The only thing I really don't like about her room is the fact that the only window in there is actually facing in towards the kitchen, which makes it really loud in her room when we are in the kitchen--and let's face it, we're always in the kitchen haha. Plus it makes it get pretty hot in her room, so I've gone back to swaddling her in just a diaper. If I could change just one thing about our apartment, it would be a toss up between Lucy's window and the chimney in our room so that this doesn't happen again (I'm forever paranoid. ANYWAY, I finally kicked my fanny into gear and printed a few pictures to put in the empty frames that have been hanging on her wall. Now it's all finished! **Please excuse the poor lighting.

Okay, I lied. I guess there is still just one more thing to do before the room is 
COMPLETELY finished.

Looking out to the hallway


Open Frame Surrounding Dream Catcher: Hobby Lobby during 50% week
Dream Catcher: DIY, inspiration found here
Crib: Walmart
Iron Accent: Gift
Mirror: Old keepsake
Frames On Either Side of Mirror: Walmart
Crib Sheet: DIY, tutorial found here, fabric from
Minky & Cotton blanket: DIY, minky fabric found here, cotton fabric at
Ribbon Mobile: DIY, inspiration found here
Dresser: DIY Refurbished. Remember this post?
Open Design Frame: Hobby Lobby
Lamp Base: Target
Lamp Shade: DIY, inspiration & tutorial found here
Dresser Frames: Gift from my mom
Dresser knobs: Hobby Lobby & Walmart
Rocking Chair:
Rocking Chair Pad: (Out of Stock)
Minky Pillow: DIY fabric found here
Blessing Dress: DIY
Headband Holder: DIY, bases found at Hobby Lobby & The Dollar Store

Well, I think that's it! If you think you can't make a cute nursery without going broke, you certainly can! It takes a lot of work, but it's so fun and I think it makes it more meaningful. I love being able to rock Lucy in her room at night (unless it's at 2am ;)). If you didn't see my post on Norah's room, here it is!

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