Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Check Up

I took the girls in for their doctor checkups this afternoon for Norah's 18 month (3 1/2 months late) and Lucy's 2 month. The appointment was set for noon which is right in the middle of both of their naps, so it was bad planning on my part. Also, I didn't give Norah a proper lunch before we left and so when she had a meltdown in the middle of the appointment, I knew I couldn't be too upset. Besides that, it went pretty well, considering it was my very first time taking the girls anywhere all by myself!

Waiting for the nurse to administer shots
Norah's stats:
26.9 lbs -- 67th percentile
33.66 in. -- 72nd percentile

Lucy's stats:
12.92 lbs -- 84th percentile
23.62 in. -- 80th percentile

Lucy had to get shots this time. It was so heart wrenching to see her scream immediately after the needle poked into her thigh.

Norah Update:
She has grown so much in just the past few months and it has been so fun watching her learn to put words together and even form short sentences.
Our apartment doesn't have a bath tub and so when we moved in, our landlords installed a shower hose and let us borrow a little tub so we could bathe Norah in there. Well, it turns out that Norah is terrified of the shower which turned into a dramatic experience every time we tried to get her to take a bath. So after a particularly messy lunch one day I decided to just bathe her right then and there in the kitchen sink. And she LOVED it. We've been doing that ever since.

Ryan is usually the one to bathe Norah while I feed or rock Lucy, so she gets her hair combed like an 80s man quite frequently. Although, I think she can pull it off ;)

I've been talking with Norah about the potty for months and months now, but it was only a few weeks ago that I let her sit on the toilet for the very first time. Nothing happened, but she wouldn't let me get her down for about 20 minutes. she just sat there, loving being a big girl.

So we got her a little potty of her own. The first time I sat her on it, she went poop!! She was so very proud and again, sat on the toilet for about 20 minutes, running back into the bathroom every time I said she had to put a diaper back on if she wanted to walk on the carpet.

**No, my child does not always run around in just a diaper...almost always.
Recently when I rock Lucy in her room before putting her down for a nap, Norah will come lay down on the floor with us until I'm done. It's the cutest thing. 

 When she's not naked, she's in jammies.
We eat eggs together almost every morning and Norah loves pulling up a chair and helping me stir them. Also, one of her favorite things to do when we go outside is turn on the hose and play in the mud. She has gotten a lot of scrapes and bruises lately and so whenever I go get her from her naps, as soon as I walk in she starts pointing to her "owies" and insists I kiss them better.

Lucy Update:
Lucy has started smiling a lot and coos all the time. It's so adorable. It almost sounds like she is laughing out loud. I've tried so hard to capture her dimple. Here are a couple of the best ones I have 

Lucy has been really good about soothing herself when going down for naps recently, so it has made it so much easier when I need to take care of Norah. I usually get to spend some alone time with her in the morning before Norah wakes up and I love when she looks at me and coos. Her head is getting really strong and she even rolled over once (at like 3 weeks!) but I think it was a fluke.

We got some snuggle time while Norah was napping after the doctor appointment today.

We would put her in Norah's crib for naps and I felt like she slept so much better than in her bassinet. So, in a desperate attempt for better sleep at night we ordered her a crib right away. It had nothing to do with the fact that I wanted to finally turn the junk room into a cute nursery. ;)

It was so hot in our apartment that I had to swaddle Lucy in just a diaper for several weeks. I was kind of sad since she wasn't really able to wear any of her cute newborn outfits, but now that it is really starting to cool off I've been able to pull out all sorts of cute things! 

I grow to love these sweet girls more and more every day. I am so blessed to be their momma. 

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