Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Off to College!

My sweet little brother is leaving for college today, and not just the local college either. He's going clear across the country to Southern Virginia University. I don't know who thought it would be okay to let him live so far away from us, but we will sure miss him a lot! We drove down to American Fork on Sunday to have our last dinner with him before he left.

My handsome little brothers
We went around the table and each said a few things we love and would miss about Dallin and then we all agreed that any girl would be extremely lucky to have him (that is, if she can get approved by all of his older sisters, which will be quite a task).

Brittney, Hannah, Dallin, Danika. Missing three more older sisters and a sister in law.
Dallin has really turned into such an amazing man (man? *teardrop). One thing that Ryan said about Dallin was that he is in the present moment and not distracted by other things such as technology, which is a skill I fear people are losing more and more as time goes on. Here are just a few more things that were said about him:

Not afraid of hard work (in fact, he seeks it out)
Admired by all on his soccer team, and basically worshiped by his coach
Quiet leader
Good listener
Loves to be with his family
Great cook and experimenter (seriously, have him make you some chocolate fudge some time)
Humble (even though he can lift 300+ lbs in crossfit)

I can't brag too much about him because I don't want to give the ladies any ideas about trying to steal him away too soon. ;)

Lucy was there too, but she was sleeping in my mom's arms and I didn't dare wake her for the picture
We really will miss having Dallin here at home. Even as I write this I am literally emotional. We love you Dallin! We hope college is a great experience for you this first semester! Xoxoxo

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