Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grandma Comes to Town

Last Monday we had Ryan's mom come stay with us for the week to help with Norah. She loved having grandma come play with her all week and bring her fun new toys to play with and play outside all day long.

Ryan and I were even able to go out on a date while she was here, something that hasn't happened since April! So that was so so fun to get out!
We went to sushi (proof he loves me) and then to a local nickel arcade where I hit the jackpot twice! I won't tell you how many times i had to try in order to accomplish that but let's just say I would be broke if I gambled, so we won't be visited Las Vegas anytime soon. ;)

We won 300 tickets total--enough for two little prizes we picked out for Norah. 
Posing with our loot: mustache glasses and a light-up caterpillar:

 We showed the glasses to Norah the next morning and she thought they were pretty silly. 
Lucy didn't appreciate them quite as much.

We were so grateful that Jeanne was able to come stay with us and give us a break while helping with the girls. The past couple of mornings since she has been gone, Norah has woken up running out to the living room calling for "Gamma". I guess she will have to come visit again soon!


  1. That's so fun! It's always nice to have help. I can't remember what dates are like haha.

  2. Them with the glasses on. Hilarious. :) Nice job winning those big time prizes too!!! ;)